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Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice

Want to get better results in your coaching business for neurodivergent clients, and stand out as someone who is fully equipped to support them?


This programme is designed for that! You will learn about specific neurological conditions, behaviours and traits, how to identify them in your clients, and how you can adapt your approach to help them to achieve their goals.

The conditions you'll be learning about are:

✓  Aphantasia (Blind Mind's Eye)

✓  SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory)

✓  Alexithymia (Emotional blindness)

 Anauralia (Silent Mind)

✓  Dysikonesia (Sense-Blind Mind's Eye)

What's inside each module?

 What the condition is

 How to identify it

 Scientific & neurobiological causes/differences


 Practical approaches to coaching

 End of module test & reflection

 Resources to support you, as a coach, and your clients


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