Coaches, therapists & counsellors

Why 5% to 10% of your clients are unhappy and what to do about it.

At any one time, 5-10% of your clients cannot use your tools or methodologies, and you have no idea it's happening.

They have no idea why it's not working for them, so they blame you.

Affecting your results and reputation.

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As a switched on, conscious coach, you will already be aware of neurodiversity and the importance of it in your work.

But did you know there are five relatively unknown neurodiverse conditions that very few coaches, counsellors and therapists are aware of?

And without taking these five conditions into consideration, this could be damaging your results and your reputation.

These conditions mean that your clients cannot:

▷ See their future life or look into the past and re-live their memories.

▷ Hear their limiting beliefs or the negative thoughts which are getting in their way.

▷ Tap into their emotions and feelings to help them to stay motivated or anchor a new belief to.

▷ Struggle to identify and richly detail their goals.

Just think how often you ask them to do those things using your tools and methodologies. 

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Hi I'm Sassy, the Aphantasia Coach and founder of The Aphantasia Coaching Academy. 

In 2015 I discovered I have Aphantasia, one of the five conditions affecting your clients right now.

With this new understanding of aphantasia came the realisation that some of the practices widely used in coaching, therapy and counselling, were not effective for me.

Especially practices which include visualisation, accessing negative thoughts, or using the past to identify patterns of behaviour.

I realised that my inability to look backwards or 'see' my future was preventing me from being able to fully benefit from so many therapeutic and personal growth practices.

As a qualified coach, I know how powerful these practices  can be for those who can visualise and yet those results were blocked to me.

And if they were blocked to me, they must be blocked to others like me.

I made it my mission to support those like me by teaching coaches, therapists and counsellors how to work with neurodivergent clients who have the five lesser known conditions.

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