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Are you ready to become the go-to coach?

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What if I told you that :

  • there are people out there, right now, who need you.  People other coaches don't know how to work with?

  • you could become the go-to coach without having to change your niche.

  • all you need is to learn how to be the coach they so desperately want but can't find anywhere else?  

You'd say "sign me up right now" right.


"Sign me up right now"

Why This is Tailored Just for You

This is for you if...

✓ You're a passionate coach, eager to expand your skill set and cater to a wider range of clients.

✓ You've encountered clients who don't resonate with traditional coaching methods and you're determined to find a way to support them effectively.

✓ You believe in continuous learning and are always on the lookout for innovative techniques and approaches to enhance your coaching practice.

✓ You've sensed there's a gap in the coaching industry, where certain clients aren't getting the transformational results they seek, and you want to be the bridge that fills that gap.

✓ You value inclusivity and want to ensure that every client, regardless of their neurological makeup, feels understood, valued, and empowered in their coaching journey.

✓ You're not just looking for another certificate to hang on your wall, but a profound understanding and practical skills that will set you apart in the coaching world  If any of these resonate with you, then The Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice Certification is precisely what you need.

Join and be part of the change.


Become part of the change
If you're anything like me, you started coaching with a passion to help transform lives.

"With my passion and skills, success is just around the corner."

But the coaching world is not easy.
And if you don't know how to work with up to 20% of people, it's makes it harder.
These are the people who:
  • you had great discovery call with, but didn't sign up with you
  • ghosted you after a couple of sessions.
  • didn't re-book with you, and gave you excuses why.
  • despite your skills, aren't achieving their goals
  • have asked you for a refund
  • you worry will leave a negative review. 
  • you just can't seem to connect with.
These are the people who need a different touch, a unique understanding.
And coaches who haven't recognised this are missing out on connecting  them.
But  not you? You're here, seeking to understand and adapt.
You're on the path to being not just a coach, but a beacon for all.
You're smarter than that.

🌟 Secure Your Spot Now & Transform Your Coaching Career! 🌟

Listen, the coaching world is huge, but the coaches who truly stand out are those who continuously evolve, adapt, and cater to every client's unique needs.
By taking the Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice Certification, you're not just gaining knowledge; you're unlocking a whole new realm of coaching mastery.
Why wait and let others get ahead? This is your chance to be at the forefront, to be that go-to coach who understands, attracts, and retains clients that others simply can't.
Remember, every day you wait is a day someone else is stepping up, gaining an edge, and serving clients in ways you could be. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity.
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a world where you are the go-to coach.
Offering transformative experiences that many others simply can't.  
You're not part of the crowd; you rise above it. Shining brightly as a sought-after expert. 
That world is closer than you think.
20% of the population is neurodivergent. 395 million of those have aphantasia and one or more of the conditions we teach about.
Traditional coach training doesn't provide for people with these conditions.People who can't visualise, have limited access to their memories, internal senses and, for some, the ability to hear their thoughts.

Enter The Neurodivergent Coaching Skills and Practice Certification: A League of Its Own


This isn't just another coaching course.

It's a deep dive into understanding and effectively working with people who process the world differently.

Rooted in neuroscience and tailored coaching techniques, it equips coaches with the tools to recognise, understand, and adapt their methods.

The result? A coaching approach that is inclusive, transformative, and truly stands out in the industry.

Start your training and start making a genuine difference in people's lives.

You'll be learning about 5 specific neurological conditions:

✓  Aphantasia (Blind Mind's Eye)

✓  SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory)

✓  Alexithymia (Emotional blindness)

✓ Anauralia (Silent Mind)

✓  Dysikonesia (Sense-Blind Mind's Eye)

Inside The Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice Certification:

Coaching Skills & Practice Training: Specialised training equips you to adapt your approach seamlessly. 

Knowledge & Neuroscience: Self-paced modules offering insights into the intricacies of the brain. Understand what's happening in your client's mind.

Resources: We equip you with a comprehensive practitioner workbook to guide you throughout the course. Plus, you'll receive bonus resources to use with your clients.

Knowledge Check: To ensure mastery, we've incorporated assessment checks at the end of each module. Plus a final written reflection and implementation assessment.

Directory of Experts: Our gift to you. Join the Aphantasia Academy directory of experts. This positions you as an expert for people looking for coaches who understand them. Stand out and let clients find you with ease.

CPD Accreditation - A Mark of Excellence: The Aphantasia Coaching Academy is proud to be CPD accredited. This underscores the quality of our training providing you with a recognised certification. It's an assurance of your commitment to continuous learning and the coaching standards. It's a win-win, elevating both your credibility and the value of the program.


Exclusive Gifts Just For You!

When you enrol in our Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills and Practice course, not only do you get the transformative training, but we're also throwing in some incredible bonus gifts to supercharge your coaching journey:

Resource Toolkit: Ready-to-use resources that you can adapt when working with your clients. Plus, handouts and guides to share with your clients, enhancing their experience and understanding.

 Access to the Directory of Experts: As a graduate, you'll have the option to join the Aphantasia Academy directory of experts. This is a golden opportunity to be discovered by individuals actively seeking professionals with your specialised skills.

 These bonuses are designed to give you an edge, ensuring you're not just a coach, but a sought-after expert in your field. And the best part? They're included at no extra cost when you enroll in the course. Don't miss out on these valuable resources!











Join the Academy



Join the Academy


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your programme, let us know within the first 14 days for a full refund. All I ask is that you provide me with feedback as to why you are not satisfied, as this may help to improve the programme moving forward.


Sassy has a wealth of knowledge and passion around this subject and as a results imparts it incredibly well. I so enjoyed the course and the information that I truly had no idea about the lightbulb moments that she helped create were fabulous. I will be using this information and knowledge in so many ways. Thank you Sassy for highlighting and lighting the touch paper around this for me. You gave so much thank you.


This programmeis awesome. As someone who has very proudly completed this course I genuinely believe that ALL coaches & mentors should do this! It’s an incredible course.


This course opened my eyes to conditions clients may have but they may not be aware of. Sassy delivers her knowledge through the lens of the clients I may encounter with foresight into their world. A blend of experience, research and history really adds depth to one’s learning, and sassy’s passion to educate ensures the learning is interactive and insightful. A fabulous course that I would recommend to any practitioner who wishes to work with clients using a much deeper holistic approach.


Hi, I'm Sassy Smith. I'm a Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and I have been coaching & providing training for the last 30 years.

Why I'm Uniquely Positioned to Guide You to Coaching Mastery

In 2015, a simple Facebook post turned my understanding of myself and coaching upside down.

It spoke of a man who lost his ability to visualise. While many were sympathetic, I was shell-shocked.

"Wait, people can actually form images in their minds?"

I had always believed visualising was a metaphorical concept, not a literal experience.

This revelation led me to discover my neurological condition - Aphantasia. It was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle.

I realised why traditional coaching methods never worked with me. 

I delved deeper and identified other conditions I have, SDAM, anauralia, and alexithymia.

These conditions made many coaching techniques ineffective for me and countless many others like me.

That's the foundation upon which The Aphantasia Coaching Academy was built.

My mission? To equip coaches with the knowledge and tools to serve a unique clientele. Ensuring no one feels left out or misunderstood in their coaching journey.

With my blend of professional expertise and personal experience, I'm here to guide you towards becoming a more inclusive, effective, and sought-after coach.

I took myself down a path of self-discovery and engaged with others like me, to understand why coaching & personal development programmes weren't as effective for us. I spoke to clinical researchers, my peers and fellow neurodivergents, and studied the research and observations from neuroscientists whilst developing this programme.




Join the Academy



Join the Academy

Are you wondering if this is the right time to do this?

Can you afford to wait?

Every moment you delay is an opportunity missed. Potential clients are seeking professionals who can cater to their unique needs right now.

By not expanding your skill set now, you risk being left behind.

Let’s fast forward one year. Imagine you're in the same spot, using the same techniques, while others have advanced and broadened their horizons.

Your peers have diversified their approaches, attracting a wider range of clients and achieving unparalleled success. Can you afford that?

Every day you wait is a day you're not serving potential clients to the best of your ability.

It's a day you're not standing out in the crowded coaching market. It's a day you're not maximising your impact and income.

 Now is the time to be ahead of the curve, to be the coach that everyone talks about because of your unique and effective approach.

Don't let another year go by. Seize the moment, and let's make coaching inclusive and transformative for all.

Right now, you might be thinking "I already know how to adapt for lots of different clients, so I don’t need this." But here’s the thing: Without specific knowledge of these conditions, you might miss the signs and not provide the tailored support these clients need. This course ensures you're equipped to recognise and effectively coach individuals with these unique conditions.

You may even be thinking that you’ll probably never have a client like that who you need to adapt like this for. 

But here’s the thing just 2% of the population has red hair, yet you've likely met a redhead. The odds are you've already worked with people who have one or more of these conditions that you’ll be learning about, without even realising it. When you consider that 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent and these conditions often co-occur with ADD/ADHD and autism, the numbers add up. The potential client base is vast.

Secure Your Future in Coaching

Are you ready to elevate your coaching skills, stand out in the industry, and truly connect with a wider range of clients?

For a limited time, we're offering this transformative course at a special rate.

But don't wait too long as we’re going to be increasing our prices soon.

Grab the opportunity at this low, low price and remember that this is more than just a course.

It's an investment in your future, your reputation, and the lives of countless clients who will benefit from your enhanced skills.


I know what you're thinking...

Isn't it just 5% of the population with these conditions? Will I ever have a client like that?

While it's estimated that about 5% of the population has aphantasia, remember that 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent, and these conditions often co-occur with others like ADD/ADHD and autism. Plus, as awareness grows, more people will be seeking professionals who understand their unique needs. Chances are, you've already worked with someone with these conditions without even realising it!

I'm tight on budget right now. How can I afford this course?

We offer flexible payment plans to make the certification accessible. Think of this as an investment in your coaching career. By expanding your skill set, you'll be able to cater to a wider audience, potentially increasing your client base and revenue.

Is this a legitimate qualification?

Absolutely! This certification is CPD accredited, which means it meets rigorous training requirements and standards. We're also in the process of seeking further accreditation to achieve a formal UK qualification level.

I've already trained to adapt for various clients. Do I really need this?

It's commendable that you've trained to adapt for diverse clients. However, without specific knowledge of these conditions, you might miss the signs and not provide the tailored support these clients need. This course ensures you're equipped to recognise and effectively coach individuals with these unique conditions.

I've taken ADHD training. Isn't that enough for neurodivergent individuals?

 While ADHD training is valuable, it doesn't cover the specific nuances of conditions like aphantasia, alexithymia, and others. This course delves deep into these conditions, ensuring you're well-prepared to coach individuals who have them.

I've never heard of these conditions. Are they really that common?

 Many people, including those with the conditions, might not be aware of them. As awareness grows, more individuals will be seeking support. By taking this course, you position yourself as a pioneer in offering specialised coaching for these conditions.

I read that these conditions don't significantly impact lives. Why should I learn about them?

 While some individuals with these conditions have adapted well, others feel limited by them. Traditional coaching tools might not be accessible to them. By understanding and adapting your approach, you can offer transformative coaching experiences to this unique group.

Remember, the coaching world is vast, and there's always room to learn and grow. By addressing these unique needs, you're setting yourself apart and ensuring that you can offer transformative experiences to all your clients.

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