Aphantasia Academy

Want to get better results in your coaching business for neurodivergent clients, and stand out as someone who is fully equipped to support them?


This programme is designed for that! You will learn about specific neurological conditions, behaviours and traits, how to identify them in your clients, and how you can adapt your approach to help them to achieve their goals.


It's estimated that every 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent. Will you be ready to accommodate their needs, whilst others are not?


Have you ever had a client who just doesn’t seem to ‘get’ your methods? It’s frustrating for both of you when your methods are not achieving the impact and results. 

Neurodivergent people spend their lives adapting to and trying to thrive in a world that was not designed for them.

By the time they reach your coaching programme, they are already tired and frustrated. What if you were the coach to create the conditions that make thriving accessible?

Will you be the coach they return to time and time again, simply because you acknowledged their differently wired brain and how you can best support them?

The online coaching world is getting more crowded.

Right now, anyone can call themselves a coach without having gone through any formal training, and this means that qualified professionals have the ability to stand out from the crowd. 

If 1 in 7 people don’t feel included, most of the time, they will be looking for professionals with the knowledge and know-how to support them, who have taken the time to learn what it’s like to be neuro-different. 

The Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice programme can help you to do this.

In this programme you will be learning about 5 neurological conditions & traits, and what is happening in the brains of those who have them.

You will also gain an understanding of the practical tools you can apply in your coaching sessions, together with resources to help you and your client to reach your goals!

What's in the programme?

You'll be learning about 5 specific neurological conditions:

✓  Aphantasia (Blind Mind's Eye)

✓  SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory)

✓  Alexithymia (Emotional blindness)

Anauralia (Silent Mind)

✓  Dysikonesia (Sense-Blind Mind's Eye)

Self-Paced Training

Training presentations, resources and modules released weekly. Study at your own pace.

Group Sessions

6 x live group training and peer support sessions to help you to develop strategies to implement your learning into your coaching work.


Practitioner workbook to support you throughout the course. Resources to use or adapt when working with your clients and also to give to your clients.

Knowledge Check

Assessment checks at the end of each module.  Optional self-reflection and test of knowledge exam.  You will have 3 months to complete this final exam.

Directory of Experts

An option to join the Aphantasia Academy directory of experts, to be discovered by people looking for professionals who can coach neurodivergent clients.



✓ You are a coach who wants to be able to work effectively with more people.

✓ You want to increase your knowledge and skills and learn practical ways to support your clients.

✓ You want to grow and develop in your coaching career.

✓ You want to stand out as the coach of choice for neurodivergent clients.

If this sounds like you, the Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice programme is for you.



Sassy Smith is a Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and has been coaching & providing training for the last 30 years.

As a professional coach, I was always curious as to why I wasn't able to achieve the same levels of transformation when I was being coached, as my clients. I worked with some amazing coaches, experts in their fields, but still couldn't quite achieve the same levels of success I was expecting.

Then in 2015 I read an article which made everything clear.

I discovered that I have aphantasia, which is a neurological condition preventing people from being able to visualise.

Further research led me to discover that I had multiple conditions which were creating barriers for me and so many other people like me.

AND that nobody was teaching coaches the skills and tools to help us to break down these barriers.

"I took myself down a path of self-discovery and engaged with others like me, to understand why coaching & personal development programmes weren't as effective for us."


"I spoke to clinical researchers, my peers and fellow neurodivergents, and studied the research and observations from neuroscientists whilst developing this programme."


What's inside each module?

What the condition is

How to identify it

Scientific & neurobiological causes/differences


Practical approaches to coaching

End of module test & reflection

Resources to support you, as a coach, and your clients


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your programme, let us know within the first 14 days for a full refund. All I ask is that you provide me with feedback as to why you are not satisfied, as this may help to improve the programme moving forward.