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Unlock the Power of Neurodiverse Coaching with Sassy Smith.

Introducing The Aphantasia Coaching Academy where we bridge the gap between traditional coaching methods and the unique needs of the neurodiverse community which makes up around 20% of your client base.

Our Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice programme  offers CPD Accredited training that equips coaches with the tools to understand and empower their neurodivergent clients, improve their results and increase their revenue.

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One-to-One Personal Coaching

Every individual is unique, and so are their coaching needs. Our one-to-one personal coaching sessions are tailored for those with aphantasia and related conditions. Dive deep, understand your barriers, and unlock your potential with our specialised approach.

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Workshops & Training for Organisations

In today's diverse world, understanding neurodiversity is not just an advantage, it's essential. Our workshops and training sessions provide organisations with the insights and tools to cater to a broader audience, ensuring inclusivity and understanding at every level."

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Meet Sassy Smith

Meet the heart and soul of the Aphantasia Coaching Academy, Sassy Smith. Her personal journey with aphantasia ignited a passion to revolutionize the coaching world. With over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of neurodiversity, Sassy brings a unique blend of personal insight and academic excellence to the table."

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"This is awesome. As someone who has very proudly completed this course, I genuinely believe that ALL coaches & mentors should do this! It’s an incredible course."


"This course opened my eyes to conditions clients may have but they may not be aware of. Sassy's passion ensures the learning is interactive and insightful. A fabulous course that I recommend to any practitioner."


"Sassy has a wealth of knowledge around this subject. I so enjoyed the course and the lightbulb moments she helped create. You gave so much, thank you."

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