Welcome to the Aphantasia Academy Empowering Diverse Minds in Every Sector

At the Aphantasia Academy, we specialise not only in equipping coaching professionals but also in providing essential training to businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and any organisation looking to understand and effectively work with neurodiverse individuals.

Our mission extends beyond coaching, aiming to bridge the gap in traditional methodologies across various sectors, focusing on four  conditions - Aphantasia, SDAM, Anauralia, and Alexithymia

Understanding Key Conditions in the Workplace and Beyond

In our diverse world, understanding unique neurological conditions is key for companies to effectively support and interact with  employees, clients, or students.

Aphantasia - affecting approximately 3.9-5% of the population, is the inability to create mental images, impacting techniques reliant on visualisation.  Visualisation is linked to future thinking, motivation, and performance.

Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM) - though less commonly studied it affects up to 2% of the population. This involves challenges in recalling personal life events, affecting reflective practices.

Anauralia - is characterised by the absence of an inner monologue, influencing auditory reflection and internal dialogue methods. Whilst no definite figure has been agreed, one study suggested that only 26% of the participants were able to identify having inner speech.

Alexithymia - present in around 10% of individuals. It is a difficulty in identifying and expressing emotions, crucial for emotional intelligence, motivation and interpersonal interactions.

Understanding these conditions is vital for companies to foster inclusive environments and effective communication strategies, ensuring that all individuals are understood, supported, and valued.

Tailoring Neurodiversity Training Across Sectors: Enhancing Professional Practices

We offer specialised training programs designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors. From the business world and healthcare industry to educational institutions and coaching practices, our training is tailored to enhance professional skills, communication, and inclusivity.

Business Sector:

Training programs for HR and team leaders to understand and support employees with neurodiverse conditions, leading to improved communication, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Benefits: Enhances the inclusivity of the workplace, promotes diverse thinking, and fosters a supportive environment that values all employees' contributions.

Healthcare Sector:

Workshops for healthcare professionals supporting health behaviour changes.  Includes adapting for patients with conditions like aphantasia, SDAM and alexithymia which can impact their motivation, and perception of health related actions and prompts.

Benefits. Leads to more nuanced patient support, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor behaviour change strategies effectively. It enhances patient engagement in their own health journey, especially for those with neurodiverse conditions, thereby improving overall health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Educational Settings:

Training for educators on inclusive teaching strategies that account for students with neurodiverse conditions, integrating these insights into curriculum development.

Benefits: Supports diverse learning needs, creates a more inclusive educational environment, and helps educators better engage and support all students, particularly those who are neurodiverse.

Coaching Sector:

Specialised training for coach training companies that address coaching clients with neurodiverse conditions, such as using non-visualisation based techniques for clients with aphantasia, or emotional recognition strategies for those with alexithymia.

Benefits: Prepares coaches to effectively support a wider range of clients, enhancing the overall efficacy of coaching sessions. Coaches become equipped to handle diverse client needs, leading to improved client satisfaction and coaching outcomes.

Why you should choose the Aphantasia Academy

  • Pioneering Knowledge:¬†We stand at the forefront of understanding and teaching about these four conditions, providing a different perspective on neurodiversity. Our programs, grounded in research and lived experiences, bring unique insights into conditions often overlooked in traditional training.

  • Specialised Training Programs: We offer an exclusive suite of training options, including Facilitator Awareness Sessions and our CPD Accredited Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice Certification. These programs are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors - from coaching and business to healthcare and education.

  • Tailored to meet your needs:¬†We excel at delivering bespoke training, tailored to meet your needs.
  • Expertise and Experience: Over 30 years of coaching and leadership experience,¬† ¬†coupled with personal insights into theseneurodiverse conditions, leads each program. This unique combination of professional and personal experience ensures that our training is not just informative but empathetically delivered, setting us apart in the field.

Contact us to discuss how our specialised training can benefit your organisation.

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