Welcome to The Aphantasia Coaching Academy Expert Directory, where you'll find a range of amazing experts from different fields, who have all completed the Advanced Neurodivergent Coaching Skills & Practice Programme.

If you're looking for a professional who has an understanding of working with clients who have aphantasia, SDAM, anauralia, alexithymia and dysikonesia aka multi-sense aphantasia,  then please browse the profiles below and if you’re interested in working with them, click to find out more.

Sassy Smith - Founder of The Aphantasia Coaching Academy

With more than 30 years of coaching experience, Sassy uses a blend of traditional coaching practices, positive psychology, energy balancing therapies and bespoke meditations designed to support her clients to achieve their goals.

Specialising  in working with people who are suffering from stress, overwhelm and burnout, Sassy brings her lived experience of aphantasia, SDAM, anauralia and alexithymia to supporting other neurodivergent people to live the life they want.

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Phyllis Woodfine - The Whole Life Empowerment Coach.

Phyllis has accumulated over two and a half decades of diverse experience as a leader in health and care settings, which has shaped her perspective and ability to support others. Phyllis is a firm believer that personal growth should be an enjoyable journey. Her down-to-earth and light-hearted approach ensures that every coaching session is not only transformative but also filled with laughter and joy.

As an accomplished leader in her field, Phyllis draws on her extensive training in various modalities to help women be the best they can be. Whether it's building confidence, gaining clarity, finding direction, or breaking through barriers, she is committed to guiding her clients towards success and fulfilment.

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Sonia Davies - Therapeutic Coach

Using her powerful insights and energy, she holds clients in a safe space so they can explore themselves deeply and discover their truest selves.  Basing everything in her life around her core values of Authenticity, Freedom & Growth, Sonia is passionate about enabling everyone to celebrate their own unique fabulousness. She encourages everyone to embrace all that they truly are, guiding them gently towards that level of self-acceptance that she has found herself. 

Expertly trained with a Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Coaching, Sonia works to International Coaching Federation standards and ethical code of practice.  Sonia is also qualified in Advanced Coaching Skills for Neurodiversity, bringing her passion for inclusivity to her day to day work.   Sonia's own life experiences have shown her the power of therapeutic coaching and the sheer joy that it can bring to her life.  It is her passion and mission to bring this level of joy to others.

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Dany Griffiths - Founder of The Feeling Zone and Creator of Feel Right Emotional EmpowermentTM (F.R.E.E.)

As an Emotional Empowerment Educator, Dany teaches that all feelings and emotions are useful. She shares that even our uncomfortable feelings and those deemed less attractive have their purpose and, when correctly processed, provide Clarity, Healing, and Growth.

Dany works with individuals who want to become Certified in the F.R.E.E. therapeutic coaching approach. Training includes learning how to embody F.R.E.E. for themselves and mapping F.R.E.E. to the specific needs of their clients. She is passionate about shifting the focus from healing unprocessed toxic emotions to teaching why feelings get stuck in the first place and how to prevent that through correct emotional processing.

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