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Welcome to the Aphantasia Coaching Academy

Offering advanced training to coaches, mastering techniques for neurodivergent clients with aphantasia and more. 

Specialising in neurodivergent empowerment. 

About the Academy

Founder of the Aphantasia Coaching Academy, Sassy Smith, discovered she is neurodivergent in 2015 when she found out that she has aphantasia.

Aphantasia is the inability to visualise and affects between 3.9-5% of the population, or 395 million people worldwide.  To put that in to perspective, it is currently through that just 2.8% of adults have ADHD.

Alongside aphantasia Sassy also has three conditions which are often associated with it.  These are SDAM (Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory), Anauralia, a lack of inner monologue, and Alexithymia which is the inability feel, recognise and name ones own feelings, or recognise them in others.

As a qualified coach, with more than 30 years experience, Sassy realised that not being able to visualise, listen to her inner monologue or remember her past had made traditional traditional coaching and therapy methods challenging, frustrating and stressful for her.    She was never quite able to achieve the same results, when she was being coached, that she saw with her own clients.

So she threw herself into researching these conditions, and using all of her coaching experience and knowledge, developed the tools and methods which she now teaches in The Aphantasia Coaching Academy.

"This training is so needed right now. I use visualisation heavily in my work and had never considered that this might have created barriers for my clients"


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Develop your knowledge and skills, and learn to practice neurodivergent coaching. Whether you're a professional coach, or just interested in supporting neurodivergent individuals, this signature course will help you to develop you coaching toolbox and ability to support your clients.




I really loved this masterclass, as a coach, therapist and neuroscience geek I found this not only super interesting but incredibly valuable and important to my work too. Learning more about how we functions as humans is imperative to my work, this needs to be talked about more and the industry will benefit from learning about this incredible and fascinating condition.


Sassy is very passionate and knowledgable about this topic and this is a brilliant introduction into aphantasia. Highly recommend.


The masterclass with Sassy was eye-opening and made me realise how many coaches and business owners rely on visualisation to help their clients in one firm or another - and how many could be literally left in the dark as to why the process didn’t work as expected or give the results they were looking for. Understanding how some of your customers may struggle to see images in their head will help us all create a tailored, inclusive experience to ensure the people we help get the full value of our offerings. Thank you Sassy!


Sassy has a wealth of knowledge and passion around this subject and as a results imparts it incredibly well. I so enjoyed the course and the information that I truly had no idea about the lightbulb moments that she helped create were fabulous. I will be using this information and knowledge in so many ways. Thank you Sassy for highlighting and lighting the touch paper around this for me. You gave so much thank you.


This course opened my eyes to conditions clients may have but they may not be aware of. Sassy delivers her knowledge the lens of the clients I may encounter with foresight into their world. A blend of experience, research and history really adds depth to one’s learning, and sassy’s passion to educate ensures the learning is interactive and insightful. A fabulous course that I would recommend to any practitioner who wishes to work with clients using a much deeper holistic approach.