Hi, I'm Sassy – Leading Neurodiversity Advocate in Coaching and Corporate Training

Embracing Diversity in Coaching and Corporate Worlds

My journey into the world of neurodiversity began with a personal revelation about aphantasia in 2015. As a professional living with multisensory aphantasia, SDAM, anauralia, and alexithymia, I understand the unique challenges in traditional coaching and corporate environments. This experience has been the driving force behind my mission to create inclusive and effective strategies for both individuals and organizations

The Aphantasia Academy: Beyond Coaching

As a qualified coach and corporate trainer, I recognise the limitations of conventional methods for neurodiverse individuals. The Aphantasia Academy isn’t just about coaching; it’s a hub for transformative learning and growth, where neurodiversity is embraced across all professional and personal spheres.


My Commitment to You and Your Organisation

  • A Tailored Approach: Whether it’s personal coaching or corporate training, my focus is on aligning strategies with your unique needs and those of your organisation.
  • Continuous Evolution: Keeping abreast of the latest in coaching and corporate training ensures that I provide the most effective, contemporary strategies.
  • Championing Neurodiversity: I am dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of neurodiverse conditions, advocating for inclusive practices in all professional settings.

Credentials and Professional Associations

  • Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management.
  • Accredited qualifications in Leadership, Coaching, Women’s Health, CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Counselling.
  • Proud member of the CPD Certification Service as a registered CPD provider.

Connect and Transform

Whether you're seeking personal growth, want to enhance your coaching skills or are looking for corporate training, I'm here to guide you on this journey. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

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